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    A flask of 10-12 seedlings of the species orchid Acampe rigida - absolutely gorgeous orchids. Really great seedlings; each plant with really stout tops and with good roots. Warm to hot grower. Just check out the pics.
    Totally ready for deflask. Some darned near flowering size in flask. Not very often available and certainly not as good as these. 
    Eight page set of deflasking notes provided with flasks.
    These seedlings will be deflasked into light weight plastic containers buffered with moist sphagnum moss and sent Express Post.
  • Out of stock
    A flask of 10-12 really decent Rhynchostylis gigantea ( Purple / Blue Flowered ) seedling plants. Superb seedlings with robust, chunky leaves and very decent roots. Totally ready now for deflask.  Not often available. Please note that plants are sent deflasked and transferred into a robust plastic container protected with sphagnum moss to to avoid plant damage and  keep postage down. They've grow like mad in flask. Sensible, commercial, applied, eight page general deflasking notes accompany goods.

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