W3 1L Medium

W3 1L Medium


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This is the true all-round sowing and germination medium for epiphytes. The addition of 60 g/L of banana pulp is all that is generally required and has given excellent results with a wide range of epiphytic and some terrestrial genera. If germination is limited, the addition of coconut water at 30-60ml/L and with pH of 5.5 to 5.8 may be necessary. W3 with banana pulp at 60grams/Litre is suitable for replating of some Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium, though W1 and W9 may be superior. It is the best replate medium for Zygopetalum alliance and for most Lycaste and closely allied genera. Seedlings germinated on W3 with coconut water generally should be respread on to W3 with banana pulp soon after germinating. W3 with banana pulp can be used as a general purpose replate medium for all genera but growth may be slower than on W1, W2, W2.5 or W1.5.

Note that in my laboratory, well over 90% of the sowing and replate work is achieved using W3+B or W1+B

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