A flask of 10-12 seedlings from a self pollination of a decent Sophro coccinea plant.  Really great seedlings; each plant with several turgid and robust leaves and good roots. Totally ready for deflask.  Check the pics! Some of these same seedlings deflasked a couple of years back have flowered and are definitely 4N format. I deflasked some of these into community pots of lightly packed sphagnum moss and then stood in shallow dishes of water / dilute fertiliser during late October and into mid November, straight outside into the shade house under cattleya level light conditions with zero deaths and some are making more new growths. Now winter is upon us, they have been removed from dishes of water and are now kept moist and left to free drain during the cooler and wetter months. Their first repot should be some time from October to end November into pots of Clay Pellets or on to cork mounts with some bush moss over the root systems. Really tough if you just treat them rough. Comprehensive, succinct, general deflasking notes provided with flasks. These seedlings will be deflasked and transferred into light weight plastic containers buffered with moist sphagnum moss immediately prior to postage.