A flask of 10-12 seedling plants of Pterostylis sp. aff. saxicola raised from seed sent from suburban Campbelltown roadside. Decent seedlings with good tops and tubers. They have just re-emerged after dormancy. Totally ready now for deflask. ┬áNot often available. Please note that plants are sent deflasked and transferred into a robust plastic container protected with sphagnum moss to to avoid plant damage and ┬ákeep postage down. They’ve grown nicely in flask. I put deflasked plants of the ruffa group Pterostylis into coarse sand and top it with chopped Sheoak needles. I do fertilise with very dilute, soluble fertiliser. They need good light and good air movement. Best raised under cover away from rain so you can keep them just moist and not get them too wet. Obviously let them dry out from about October until about March. Sensible, commercial, applied, eight page general deflasking notes accompany goods.