Dracula bella (good form) x self. Seedling

Dracula bella (good form) x self. Seedling


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Dracula Bella seedlings ( Also know as Monkey Face orchids ) in 50mm pots available growing in wet, loosely packed sphagnum moss. Deflasked about 5 months ago and raised under natural cold glass house temperatures in suburban Adelaide. Growth has been good both in flask and after deflask. They require medium light and temperatures probably best below about 36 deg C from my experience. I find this species is very easy to grow and keep my Draculas in a glass house cooled by evaporative cooling and by misters should the temperature exceed 32 deg C.

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Pleurothallid species. Nice, advancing plants in deep 50mm pots of sphagnum moss from a selfing of a very robust and floriferous parent plant.

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