A flask of 12-15 seedlings of Dockrillia bowmanii Рpods on plants from Gloucester area. Very ready for deflask with sound top growth and extensive roots. Epiphytic or lithophytic in natural habitat  forming longish clumps. Flowers about 3 times a year from late February to June. A fairly high light requiring species. Sent by Express Post, deflasked and transferred into a light weight, robust plastic container protected with moist sphagnum moss and / or styrene foam beads. 

Comprehensive deflasking notes available if email address supplied.
They do well if mounted or potted in Clay Pellets or medium bark. They prefer their roots to dry out fairly quickly after watering. Fertilise regularly, straight away with dilute soluble fertiliser and / or small amount of pelletised Chicken Manure such as Rapid Raiser or Dynamic Lifter. Place out with the rest of your similar plants. Don’t mollycoddle. Avoid frost.

No international sales.
Plants will be posted on the Monday following payment. 
Seedlings are in excellent condition prior to packaging and appropriately packaged however no control over Australia Post and responsibility for condition of plants upon delivery.