A flask of premium Disa uniflora ‘Xmas Gold’ clones. Flask contains about 6 very chunky seedlings. Very ready for deflask. Please note that plants are sent deflasked in a plastic container to keep postage down, and to avoid plant damage. We have deflasked and potted this species up in April and September very successfully in ‘Native Plant Potting Soil’ and in very loosely packed sphagnum moss. I send the pots in rain water or very very dilute soluble fertiliser from November to May. At other times I make sure they are at least quite damp. They require a breezy environment with good air movement and about 70% ¬†shade. ¬†Remember – they are naturally deciduous and the plants make new tubers from about January onward eventually letting the old plant die off as the new tuber and plant takes over.