As pictured –  flask of 15+ seedlings of a cross between Dendrobium Lustrous x Australian Gold Starburst ‘Uluru Orange’. Lustrous is 25% each bigibbum, tetragonum, fleckeri and speciosum – brilliant genes. These seedlings should be exemplary “Hot-Colds”. Fantastic parents. An  easy to grow combination of overall parentage, these seedlings likely to be rippers with large and shapely flowers. Very ready for deflask with sound top growth and extensive roots. Check the pics. 

Sent deflasked and transferred into a light weight, robust plastic container protected with moist sphagnum moss and / or styrene foam beads. 
Comprehensive, practical deflasking notes available if email address is supplied.

They do well if potted in loosely packed sphagnum moss or Clay Pellets or small bark. Fertilise regularly, straight away with dilute soluble fertiliser only if in sphagnum moss and / or small amount of pelletised Chicken Manure such as Rapid Raiser or Dynamic Lifter. Place out with the rest of your similar plants. Don’t mollycoddle. Avoid frost.

Plants will be posted on the Monday following payment. 
Seedlings are in excellent condition prior to packaging and appropriately packaged however no control over Australia Post and responsibility for condition of plants upon delivery.