A flask of 12-14 seedlings from the crossing of Jayden “Goodie’ A.M. x Australian Rose Beauty ‘Pink Delight’ HCC. Both fine parents with great form, colour and stance. CHECK the Pics. Seedlings have potential for magnificent colour, shape and fullness. Really great seedlings; each plant with several fat, robust canes already and absolutely magnificent roots.  See all pics. Totally ready for deflask. See also pic of flask base – root system.

I have already deflasked some seedlings from this cross into community pots of lightly packed sphagnum moss and then stood in shallow dishes of water / dilute fertiliser during late January and into mid February, straight outside into the shade house with zero deaths and some are making more new canes even now. Currently it’s cold and wet outside where they are housed but the only risk now is snails and slaters but, else, they are very happy. General deflasking notes provided with flasks.

From long experience, at the moment, I’d recommend deflask into 75mm pots or 100mm community pots of lightly packed sphagnum moss and fertilise with dilute soluble fertiliser regularly. Keep the sphagnum moist to wet. Avoid frost. Repot into your preferred Dendrobium growing mix after repot in spring 2021. Sent Express post usually 1-2 days only but, occasionally, up to 3 days with current Aust post service situation. Sensible, commercially effective, eight page deflasking notes sent by email upon purchase.