A flask of 15+ seedlings of Dendrobium Flinders ‘Grant Garret’ x speciosum var. curvicaule ‘Day Light Moon’ HCC. Absolutely vigorous and chunky plants with really great tops, leaves and canes and ripper root systems. A similar cross of Flinders GG x falcorostrum ‘Anembo’ is very famous. This cross likely to be evry bit as good. Very ready for deflask. Could be flowered in 3-4 years. Please note that plants are sent deflasked and transferred into a robust plastic container buffered with sphagnum moss to minimise plant damage and keep postage costs down. From long experience, I’d recommend deflask singly into 75mm pots or 100mm community pots of lightly packed sphagnum moss and fertilise with dilute soluble fertiliser regularly. Keep the sphagnum moist to wet. Repot into your preferred dendrobium growing mix after first repot in spring 2022. Should be rippers. Sent Express post after deflask and transfer to robust plastic packaging usually 1-2 days only but, occasionally, up to 3-4 days with current Aust post service situation.

Comprehensive deflasking notes available if email address supplied.
No international sales.
Plants will be posted on the Monday following payment. 
Seedlings are in excellent condition prior to packaging and appropriately packaged however no control over Australia Post and responsibility for condition of plants upon delivery.