A flask of 12-14 seedlings of Dendrobium Desert Rose x Dunokayla ‘Mem Steve Bato’ HCC Absolutely vigorous and healthy plants with really great tips, leaves and canes and ripper root systems. Very ready for deflask. Could be flowered in 3 years. Please note that plants are sent deflasked and transferred into a robust plastic container buffered with sphagnum moss to avoid plant damage and keep postage costs down. From long experience, I’d recommend deflask into 75mm pots or community pots of lightly packed sphagnum moss and fertilise with dilute soluble fertiliser regularly. Keep the sphagnum moist to wet. Recently I have deflasked into Clay Pellets ‘ Canna Aqua’ brand – with even better results. Pots are stood in dilute fertiliser and additionally fertilised with a little pelletised Chicken manure such as Rapid Raiser or Dynamic Lifter. Stood in water while warm outside but removed from water during cooler months. Repot into your preferred dendrobium growing mix after repot in spring 2021. Sent Express post usually 1-2 days only but, occasionally, up to 3 days with current Aust post service situation. Sensible, commercially effective, eight page deflasking notes sent by email upon purchase.