A flask of 15+ seedlings of a cross of Q349 Den Australian Colourfest ‘Obsession’ x speciosum var. curvicaule ‘Daylight Moon’ FCC.  The parent plants are fine horticultural forms so this cross should be excellent.  Really great seedlings; each plant with several great canes and with absolutely magnificent, long and robust roots. Check out the pics! Totally ready for deflask. I pot them up in gently packed sphagnum moss or into Clay Pellets at first for great results and we use regular, dilute soluble fertiliser for superb growth. First repot a year from deflask is into pine bark or clay pebbles. Apart from May to September, I keep them standing in shallow water or dilute fertiliser and they do really well.

I have already deflasked some of these separately into 75 or 100mm pots in straight sphagnum moss or straight Clay Pellets from spring to summer with the pots then stood in shallow dishes of water / dilute fertiliser straight outside into the shade house with zero deaths and they are growing well. They will be removed from water trays over the Easter weekend and free drained until about late September and then back to standing in water. They are vigorous growers with first new growths often surprisingly large and chunky.

Sent after deflask and repack into robust, light-weight, plastic packs buffered with use moist sphagnum moss and sent Express Post for maximum health upon arrival. Succinct, comprehensive, experience-based, 8 page deflasking notes emailed to purchaser.