A flask containing 25+ Cymbidium Sarah Jean ‘Ford Cascade’ clones. SJ ‘FC’ arose as a superior flowering form amongst a batch of Sarah Jean ‘Ice Cascade’ clones. It was so profoundly better that we made clones from that superior plant.  Very robust plantlets in flask with robust tops and decent root growth. See pics for yourself. Very high demand Cym pot plant with crystalline white flowers on decent pendulous racemes. good grower.

I’d deflask into a community pot in lightly packed sphagnum moss and put them immediately out in my shade house or into my airy covered in area and repot into typical cymbidium potting medium in early spring ’21. Fertilise with very dilute NPK fertiliser solution immediately and regularly.

Eight page deflasking notes sent by email to you. Please note that plants are sent deflasked in a plastic container to keep postage down, and to avoid plant damage.