A flask of 25-27  Cymbidium erythrostylum seedlings derived from a crossing of  Cym erythrostylum ‘Dale’ 4N x Cym erythrostylum ‘Magnificum’ HCC which is most likely 4N too.  Exceptionally good tops and roots. Totally ready for deflask. I deflask these into sphagnum moss and keep them at least moist and regularly fertilised for about a year, after which you can repot them into your favourite cymbidium mix. This species is often in flower for Mother’s day – they ought to sell like hot cakes. I can’t figure why we haven’t thought to grow them for just that purpose long ago. Eight page, general deflasking notes accompany goods. Please note that plants are sent deflasked and packed in moist sphagnum moss in a robust, plastic container to keep postage down, and to avoid plant damage.