A flask of 10 -12 Australian Cymbidium canaliculatum ‘Laura alba’ x self. Quite a famous parent. Flowers start off green then progress to a good yellow colour.  Very robust seedlings and good growers with already extensive root systems. Very ready for deflask – pot up – check the pics for yourself. From what I have seen, these are almost certain to be alba form seedlings. Eight page, general deflasking notes accompany goods. During warmer months, I deflask these into clay pellets and keep them standing in 2-3 cm dilute fertiliser or water and fertilised weekly with dilute soluble fertiliser every watering. During winter, here in cold S.A., I foliar feed avoiding getting the root system wet in my cold southern climate. Indoors under strong LED light might be a good move during winter in southern states. However if you live in warmer climes or have heated conditions, then stand the clay pellets in dilute fertiliser and under good light and watch them grow. Please note that plants are sent deflasked and packed in moist sphagnum moss in a robust, plastic container to keep postage down, and to avoid plant damage. Sensible and effective, eight page general deflasking notes sent as email upon purchase.