A flask of premium Cymbidium hybrid seedlings seedlings containing roughly 12 plants. The cross is Cym atropurpureum x canaliculatum ‘Pilliga’ = Cym Australian Midnight ( Remake ).  These seedlings were treated as protocorms with Oryzalin for conversion to tetraploids. This will almost assure they are fertile and tetraploid and can breed with modern tetraploids to make fertile hybrids. Seedlings are sturdy with good roots and tops. Flower habit very likely pendulous, some perhaps arching with miniature, shapely flowers, perhaps with spotting. Should be free flowering even in the tropics,  not needing a cold period to initiate flower spikes. See internet for pics. Great plants with great roots ready for instant deflask – pot up. Please note that plants are sent deflasked in a plastic container to keep postage down, and to avoid plant damage. 8 page, experience-based, succinct, comprehensive deflasking notes emailed to purchaser.