There are many ways in which media can be prepared. If you have a good method already you should continue to use it.

  1. Heat a litre of distilled water to boiling in a very clean container (we use an electric kitchen kettle)
  2. Immediately add about 250-400mL of the boiled water to a blender and immediately empty the contents of a 1-5 x 1L sachet of medium into the blender
  3. Replace the blender lid firmly. Swirl the contents manually to heat the air above the fluid then pulse the blender quickly 2-3 times to start mixing the contents & heat the air above the water without blowing the lid off. Be very carefully to avoid scalding yourself
  4. Now run the blender for 20 to 60 seconds for a thorough mix
  5. Pour the mixture into your measuring vessel and rinse all the thick mixture from the blender into the measuring vessel with some more boiled water.
  6. If banana pulp is required, weigh the banana and microwave it on ‘high’ until the banana boils then add it to the blender with some hot distilled water and blend to a fine pulp then add it to the measuring vessel
  7. If using coconut water add that now
  8. If necessary, add the remaining hot water to make up about half the required volume. Make up the remaining volume with cold distilled water
  9. Mix thoroughly before pouring the mix into your flasks. Pour 1-2 flasks then mix thoroughly again and pour next 1-2 and so on until all poured

Note: When pouring, avoid spilling any medium on to the upper neck or outer threaded area. This will prevent bacteria or fungi from having a path to grow into your flasks. If spill occurs, wipe it away

Make sure the flasks/vessels and their lids can withstand the heat of pressure cooking or autoclaving to sterilise them and their contents.