Laboratory Services

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Prices effective 30th July 2016

If you haven’t already done so, please read our article on posting seeds and pods

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Seed Sowing Service

Green pod: $30.00 (2 x mother flasks sown)
Dry seed: $50.00 (2 x mother flasks sown)

Replating Service

$30.00 per flask of 35 plants
$27.50 per flask of 25 plants
$25.00 per flask of 20 plants
$18.00 per flask of 10 plants

Cloning Service (Cymbidium, Cattleya & Oncidium alliances)

$75 explant-start fee
$200.00 per 100 plants (minimum)
$1.50 per additional plant up to 350 plants
Over 351 plants $1.25 each

Oryzalin (tetraploid/polyploid production) processing

Add $1.00 per plant to seedling or mericlone rates, as applicable above (Minimum 100 plants)