Close-up of a destructive mite feeding

Now retired, Kevin Western has 43 years experience in the fields of pharmaceutical formulating and compounding. His skills in formulation and compounding of sterile pharmaceuticals has proven extremely valuable in the world of tissue culture.

As a Compounding Pharmacist he has designed, partially overseen the construction of, and commissioned the large ‘Sterile and Non-sterile’ compounding section of a major Australian hospital. It conforms to strict guidelines set out by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia, which performs in accordance with the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice for Therapeutic Goods. Kevin’s roles included coordinator, formulator, manufacturer, trainer, organiser and consultant.

To fulfil those roles Kevin had acquired an extensive knowledge base, including; understanding the principles and limitations of sterilisation; design, maintenance, operation and limitations of facility and equipment. Staff training and orientation was absolutely fundamental in assuring safe and effective outcomes. Kevin’s unit had formulated and compounded safe and effective pharmaceutical products for use in experimental situations, clinical trials and regular day-to-day use, with patient safety being absolutely paramount.

We have solved numerous problems for customers laboritories by gaining an understanding of the problem(s) and then by educating them to avoid those problem(s) in future. We also evaluate practices and processes, and where necessary recommend way to improve reliability and efficiency with a view to avoiding potential problems and improve profitability.

We also specialise in practices for the permanent elimination of laboratory mites.