Dear All,
The Sarcochilus have been very late to flower here at 333 Ackland Hill Road, Coromandel East but they’ve opened in large numbers since last weekend.
I’m having an Open day this coming Saturday 23rd November and am trying to reach all members of local clubs so that they can attend if interested and able. Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested but who is not contactable by email.
I will provide the necessaries for a Barbecue on the day.
It’s my hope to get club members together who don’t usually or often interact with each other, to show how easy it is to grow Sarcochilus and to sell as many as I can of the plants that I’m not going to keep as breeders. It will be an opportunity for people to obtain plants cheaply to start or add to their collections.
I’m hoping that Wednesday’s weather doesn’t affect the flowers too much and expect they will cope well enough.
Please see attached document.
Kevin Western